April – Diamond

April – Diamond

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  • Feb, 21 2019
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For the lucky ones born in April, diamond is their birthstone. Diamonds are the most sought after and valuable gems. It is made of just one element (carbon) and is the toughest gemstone, meaning that a diamond can only be cut with another diamond.

Diamonds are defined by four C’s: 1) Colour – colourless diamonds are most valued; 2) Cut – shape and proportions of the stone; 3) Clarity – the fewer imperfections (or so called inclusions), the more valued the diamond; 4) Carat – weight of the stone; the higher the weight, the bigger the stone and its value.

Diamonds are usually categorized based on their colour on a scale from colourless to yellow, with colourless diamonds valued the most. However, diamonds can also come in a variety of other colours, including pink, blue and green. These colours range in intensity from faint to vivid. The more saturated the colour, the higher the value. Diamonds with intense colour are very rare, hence valued a lot and depending on how rare it is, a diamond that is naturally very intense in colour might be worth more than a colourless diamond.

Diamonds were once believed to hold great healing powers. However, they now often symbolise eternal love, making them a common choice in engagement rings. They are often given on wedding anniversaries, especially 60th or 75th.