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A unique design luxurious 14ct rose gold dandling earrings with sapphire and fianits. These earrings have secure latch backs. September’s birthstone is sapphire – a gem of wisdom, loyalty and nobility. This stone is said to focus the mind and encourage self-discipline. As with other gemstones, there are lots myths surrounding sapphire. Greeks wore sapphire for guidance when seeking answers from the oracle. Buddhists believed it brings spiritual enlightenment and Hindus used it during worship. It is also believed to be a powerful antidepressant. Sapphire is also gifted for 5th and 45th wedding anniversary.

Metal – Rose Gold

Purity – 14ct

Stone – 10,36ct Sapphire; Fianit

Height – 5cm

Width – 1,1cm

Weight – 9,36g

All items are hallmarked in an Assay Office. These earrings have a certificate for sapphires.


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