Jewellery Care

A few simple steps should be followed to take care of your jewellery for it to remain in its best condition. A general rule of thumb is to put your jewellery on last when finishing your look and take it off first at the end of the day to minimise the risk of potential damage.

We strongly advise you to take the jewellery pieces off when you:

  • clean, wash the dishes and do other house chores by using chemical substances
  • take a bath or a shower
  • apply lotions, creams and gels
  • go to sleep
  • go to solarium or sauna
  • sunbathe, swim or exercise

We would also like to advise you that gemstones can be affected by extreme temperature changes, long exposure to direct sunlight and damp. Therefore, we advise to keep them in jewellery boxes or special protective plastic bags that are provided at the time of purchase. We also advise to protect your jewellery from mechanical forces especially if they come with natural gemstones as some of them are particularly sensitive (e.g. pearls). We also advise to protect them from direct contact with your cosmetics such as spraying perfume or hairsprays directly onto your jewellery.

Often jewellery items might still lose some of its shine over extended period of time. However, in most cases a simple polish will return its previous look. We strongly advise against cleaning your items with toothpaste, sand or following any other DYI recommendations found on the internet unless professional opinion can be sought to ensure it is safe to do so with the item in question. We always recommend buying cleaning solutions and cloths specifically made for fine jewellery care. On some occasions, a professional clean-up and polish at your local jeweller might be recommended to maintain and restore the original shine (e.g. dealing with scratches, rhodium plating, etc.).